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Jam Collection 12-Piece Box of Chocolates


Available for shipping or in-store pick-up.
In-store pick-up available at the Chocolate Shop, 1801 L Street.
In-store pick-up available at the Patisserie, 2413 J Street.

Celebrating Northern California bounty with our limited edition Jam Collection chocolate box. Each bonbon is filled with one of our house-made artisanal jams crafted with organic fruits from local farms.  Includes 2 each of the following Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates bonbon flavors:

  • Raspberry Vanilla Shortbread - Dark chocolate bon bon filled with raspberry jam and vanilla shortbread. Saeturn Farm Raspberries, Sierra Nevada Cheese Co Butter
  • Blueberry Fresh Mint- Dark Chocolate bon bon filled with blueberry jam and cold-infused fresh mint dark chocolate ganache. Triple Delight Farm Organic Blueberries
  • Apricot Wildflower Honey – Dark chocolate bon bon filled with apricot jam, honey and white chocolate ganache. Sola Bee Farm Honey, Good Humus Farm Organic Apricots
  • Cherry Pistachio – Dark chocolate bon bon filled with cherry jam, pistachio praline and white chocolate ganache.  Mt. Moriah Farms Organic Cherries
  • Boysenberry Oatmeal CookieDark chocolate bon bon filled with boysenberry jam and cinnamon oatmeal cookie. ARC Farms Organic Boysenberries, Sierra Nevada Cheese Co Butter
  • Plum Jasmine TeaDark chocolate bon bon filled with plum jam and jasmine tea dark chocolate ganache. Mt. Moriah Farms Organic Plums, Republic of Tea Jasmine Tea

All Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates bonbons contain dairy and soy. All bonbons may contain peanuts and/or treenuts. All flavors Gluten-Free except Raspberry Vanilla Shortbread and Boysenberry Oatmeal Cookie

Please enjoy your chocolates within one to two weeks after purchase. The chocolates are best stored in a cool, dry place (60°F - 70°F) and best served at room temperature. Refrigeration is not recommended.

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