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 Featured Ice Cream *While Supplies Last Daily*


  • Brown Butter Oatmeal Cookie & Bing Cherry
  • Honey Fig Granola

Parisian Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches:

  • Strawberry Ginger Spice Cheesecake
  • Salty Caramel 


Gianduja Cake Slice: 72% Bittersweet chocolate mousse with flourless chocolate biscuit and a crunchy hazelnut bottom. 

Chocolate Pot De Crème: 62% Chocolate Custard, Baked Sour Cream, Cocoa Nib Infused Whipped Cream

Salty Caramel Cupcake: Devils food cake with salty caramel buttercream topped with a salty caramel jam.



Signature Offerings:

Almond Vanilla: Almond Cookie, filled with a vanilla almond butter cream.

Chocolate Ganache: Chocolate Cookie, filled with a chocolate ganache.

Salty Caramel: Almond Cookie, filled with a salted caramel. Jacobson Sea Salt.

Pistachio: Pistachio Cookie filled with a pistachio buttercream.  Pistachio’s sourced from Fiddyment Farms.

Chocolate Coffee: Almond Cocoa Nib Cookie, filled with a coffee chocolate ganache. Coffee sourced from Camellia Coffee Roasters.


Apricot Marzipan:Plain cookie with almonds, Marzipan Buttercream, Apricot Jam Center. Organic Apricots from Good Humus Farms.

Blueberry Maple: Plain Cookie with Crepes, Maple Buttercream, Blueberry Jam Center. Organic Blueberries from Rancho la Familia.

Rose Butter Caramel: Plain Cookie with Cocoa Nibs, Rose Butter Caramel. 



Chocolate Chip Cookies: Made with semisweet Valrhona chocolate chips.

Truffle Cookie: A chocolate cookie with Valrhona chocolate chips

Cocoa Nib Shortbread: Buttery shortbread cookies with cocoa nibs and a touch of almond flour. 

Fudge Brownie: Gooey fudge style brownie made with 58% couverture chocolate



Chocolate Bark: 72% Bittersweet chocolate or Milk chocolate 38% with roasted hazelnuts, pistachios, and almonds.

Fleur de Sel Caramel Lollipops: Fleur de Sel liquid caramel in a bittersweet chocolate shell.



Classic Hot Chocolate: 53% semisweet chocolate.

Oaxacan Hot Chocolate: 53% semisweet with cinnamon, dried chilies, vanilla and ginger. 

European Sipping Chocolate: 70% bittersweet chocolate from Peru.

Single Origin Hot Chocolate: 63% Valrhona chocolate from Peru. 

Almond Hot Chocolate: (VEGAN): 58% Semisweet no dairy, served with Califa Farms Almond milk.

Espresso Drinks:

Double Espresso

-Served with Camellia Coffee Roasters Espresso

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