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Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles

Our mission at Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates is to share and spread our passion for chocolate and pastry!

Little things may take longer, but they matter. Taking the extra steps to create exceptional products is an essential value, and a key to achieving excellence. We know our customers appreciate such attention to details.

Freshness makes a difference. A chocolate confection tastes and melts in the mouth best when fresh. Because of the delicate nature of our products, we closely monitor their freshness. We can offer advice on how best to store and enjoy any of our products.

There is always something more to learn about chocolate. Being open to new ideas and curious about new concepts in chocolate allows us to continue providing exciting products for our customers.

From the farmer to the chocolatiers, the couverture chocolate we use in our products is the result of the efforts of many talented individuals. It is important for us to respect and understand the roles of all those involved in the process from crop to couverture.

Working with chocolate is a venerable craft. We are honored to be part of this tradition and proud to be practicing classical techniques which have been employed by many great chocolatiers before us.

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