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Slightly crispy, slightly chewy, mostly delicate … totally irresistible.

An emphasis on California ingredients begins with using California almond flour and local, humanely raised eggs to make all of Ginger Elizabeth's macarons. The delicately crafted cookies are then filled with house-made ganaches, buttercreams, caramels and jams. 

Ginger Elizabeth preserves local fruit as small-batch jams which allows her to offer a balanced macaron menu including fruit flavors throughout the year.

Refrigerate macarons for up to 3 days. Bring to room temperature before you enjoy. 

Allergens: All macaron flavors contain milk, eggs & tree nuts (almonds). Some macaron flavors contain tree nuts & wheat. All macaron flavors are produced in a facility with peanuts, sesame and soybeans.

Macarons are available for purchase in our Chocolate Shop Flagship and online.


Meyer Lemon Pie
Meyer Lemon Pie Crust Buttercream
Meyer Lemon Marmalade
Macaron Cookies sprinkled with Feuilletine
with Good Humus Farm Organic Meyer Lemons

Strawberry Cobbler
Cinnamon Buttercream
Strawberry Jam
Macaron Cookies sprinkled with Cinnamon Oats
with LOV Farms Strawberries

Coconut Cream Cake
Vanilla Cake Coconut Buttercream
Macaron Cookies sprinkled with Coconut

Signature Flavors

Chocolate Ganache
60% Madagascar Chocolate Ganache
Chocolate Macaron Cookies
with Valrhona Chocolate

Almond Vanilla
Almond Vanilla Buttercream
Macaron Cookies

Salty Caramel
Sea Salt Butter Caramel
Macaron Cookies
with Jacobsen Sea Salt

Vietnamese Coffee
Coffee Milk Caramel
Coffee Macaron Cookies with Cocoa Nibs
with Camellia Coffee Roasters Coffee

Pistachio Buttercream
Pistachio Macaron Cookies
with Fiddyment Farms Organic Pistachios

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